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YEARBOOK 2017/2018 KEY TRENDSúČAccording to Taiwan's "United Daily News", the PLA destroyer Jinan and the frigate Huanggang sailed southward from the vicinity of Pengjiayu via the eastern waters of Taiwan last week, and went westward from the Bashi Strait. Stay in the waters southwest of Taiwan.

Ôľ▓ The US Virginia-class submarine "Colorado", its two missile barrels have been opened.

On the Israeli side, sources said that Netanyahu was satisfied after receiving the invitation, but he has not yet decided whether he will go to Russia to watch the game because of the large logistical preparations required for the visit.

In terms of catering, in addition to the public restaurants and coffee shops similar to the food street, some service areas have also launched small restaurants or special cuisines with elegant environments.

Dedicate the best Beijing to you Why do you say that "Born in a Brilliant Day" dedicates the best Beijing to you, because the play has obvious colors of the times and regions.

Faced with the "mixed" status quo, Singapore still needs to make persistent efforts.

However, there are concerns that this is targeting religious minorities in the Netherlands.

On June 24, the owner of a community in Changsha, Hunan complained that a total of 15 apartments on the third floor of the building were bought by an owner, Mr. Li (pseudonym), but during the renovation, they found that the owner had carried out extensive knocking. Wall work, the owner is worried that if the load-bearing wall is involved, it will affect the safety of the entire building.

This time, is the domestic natural gas industry pushed to the corner by the "gas shortage", or is the curse of "shale gas conspiracy theory" broken, and domestic technology has ushered in great development? A shale gas drilling platform in Sichuan (Source: Sichuan Daily) The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" target has not been completed, and the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" is still a big step.

(Original title: 35 years old in Hangzhou, 60,000 "rolled into" more than 3 million, suffered from depression and committed suicide several times...) This year's 35-year-old Mingming (pseudonym) is a native of Lin'an, with a cheerful and lively personality and a wealthy family.

The "post-90s" anti-drug police officer Lao He drove the police investigation vehicle to "sweep the streets" in the city.

The police immediately asked An about the above situation, and standardized the use of law enforcement recorders to record and videotape the entire law enforcement process.

Why do celebrities leave big cities to start companies in other small and medium cities? In some places, for the sake of their own tax sources, the punishment is not standardized. This kind of irregularity makes it difficult for the first administrative punishment to appear.what use

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